Repair Café and what’s new at 240 HUB

The 240 Hub aims to build resident skills and knowledge with re-purposing and reusing items, and enhancing the community connection and skills sharing on how to fix items. 

A Repair Café was held on the 14th of August by 240 HUB in partnership with Repair Café. The event saw several resident volunteers coming ahead to help fellow residents fix broken items. Events like this would be now be a regular feature at the hub with Fix-it Days being planned every Mondays.

We considered the program objectives while planning our activities for the coming period of three months., taking into consideration community needs through the survey and through our communication. Kindly find below our activity plan for the next 3 months:

  • Bike Repair workshops
  •  Lending bikes
  • Sewing classes
  • Board games nights to enhance community connections and build relationship s
  • Kids handcrafts workshops (DIY)
  • Repair Cafe where residents can get their items fixed for free
  • Coding and computer programming workshops

As a part of our plan we are also looking for volunteers in our community who will be able to share their skills and experiences by facilitating workshops and sessions to help residents to build their skills. 

There are more discussions now with partners and local institutions that might be interested in our program and will support residents to find their way into the  job market by providing needed training and/or certificates, mainly with the high demanding jobs in Toronto. These partnerships are only at the initial stage and hopefully will soon materialize into something concrete.

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