SJT Festival Planning and Preparations

Every year the St. James Town Service Provider’s Network (SJTSPN) hosts the St. James Town Festival to celebrate and promote diversity in the SJT community.  With this year’s St. James Town Festival quickly approaching on Saturday, September 7th, 2019 (1pm-6pm), the Festival Planning Committee has been working hard to plan and coordinate the event.  

The committee is made up of representatives from the various SJTSPN agencies as well as partner organizations including the St. James Town Community Corner, Sherbourne Health, Fred Victor, SickKids, WoodGreen, New Common, and Our Lady of Lourdes. It is co-chaired by a local resident and is comprised of 8 subcommittees that are each involved in organizing a particular aspect of the event. These subcommittees include: the Volunteer Subcommittee, Business Subcommittee, Food vendors Subcommittee, Henna and Crafts Subcommittee, Performance Subcommittee, SPN Executive Subcommittee, Logistics Subcommittee, Awards Subcommittee, Outreach Subcommittee and Kids-Zone Subcommittee. 

 The Festival Planning Committee began its planning process in early May. The Committee as a whole has been meeting on a monthly and bi-weekly basis at the Corner to discuss ideas/issues and to follow-up with the tasks of each subcommittee. So far, the Committee has made great progress and is well prepared for the festival. To reflect this collaborative effort by organizations and community residents, the committee has chosen to make the theme of this year’s festival: “Stronger together and resiliency”. The Committee aims to create a fun and welcoming festival for the community. Auditions were held during the month of July and performers, vendors and volunteers have been selected. To know more or to be apart of the festival please write to us at

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