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Open Streets programs, also known as Ciclovias, open streets to people and close them to cars encouraging participation in physical activity and healthy recreation. They are free, regularly occurring programs, and offer communities the opportunity to experience their city streets in a whole new way. At Open Streets there are no finish lines, parades, or sidewalk sales and this is something that sets Open Streets apart from other events like marathons or street festivals. Open Streets can provide stimulus to local businesses, offer a setting for greater civic participation and integration, and build support for the provision of broader transportation choices.​

 The St. James Town Community Corner has participated in the event annually since 2015. This year the Open Streets Event will occur on August 18th and September 15th. Open Streets 2019 will take place at the Young and Wellesley intersection.  Our outreach team and volunteers are planning activities/games to attract and engage more people to the event. The main objectives of this year’s Open Streets are:

  1.     Promoting the programs and services that are provided in the Corner as well as in the larger St. James Town community.
  2.     Providing information about the 240 Hub.
  3.     Providing greater exposure to the residents of the St. James Town Community.

If you have ideas or suggestions and want to be part of the initiative please right o us at

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