240 HUB Launch Party

 James Town is a vibrant and growing community, and we are excited to launch the City’s first Share and Reuse Hub, the 240 Hub. The hub was opened to the St. James Town residents on the 9th of August with a soft launch.

Through community outreach and engagement, it was reported that residents expressed a high level of interest in the project and wanted to be a part of it. Residents came in large numbers for the launch party. Residents volunteers and The Corner staff had come up with several exciting activities for the event. Residents participated in the community mural, junk yard competition, DIY t-shirt making among others. It was the kids who had a great time letting their creativity flow showing us a glimpse of what this share and reuse space will bring to the community. Flavours From Our Neighbours, the SJT catering collective provided participants with some extremely delicious refreshments including fresh smoothies.

Located at 240 Wellesley, the 240 Hub aims to support a culture of reusing, sharing, repairing and repurposing items to prolong their life.

Funded by The City of Toronto, the 240 Hub and its initiatives build sustainable communities by:

  •     educating residents about the importance of waste reduction and reuse
  •     providing opportunities for sharing and repairing
  •     offering skills training and creating job and economic opportunities
  •     creating a space for community members to gather.

The 240 Hub will also feature a tool library, where residents can borrow equipment for a short time and return it. It is similar to a library but instead of borrowing books you can borrow tools, party supplies, games, etc.

This initiative prevents items that can have a second life from needlessly ending up in a landfill. The Hub is a space to enhance public knowledge and ability to repurpose items for a second life. It is a space that will have an impact on reducing waste and keeping our environment green and healthy. The  hub will provide the tools and resources needed to help residents develop and learn skills regarding repair and ‘do it yourself’ fixes. The Hub will do this by having classes and workshops running throughout the year. Additionally, residents can also bring their own items for repair.

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