Meet the New Staff

Dr. Yogita Sanap is a Community connector at the community corner. Yogita was a Health ambassador in the Cancer prevention program at the Sherbourne Health Center. She was actively involved in various community initiatives in the neighbourhood for the last few years and is an active member in planning and organizing community events.

She has a Masters and a PhD in Zoology. Her research focused on bio-control using parasitic wasps. She also presented her paper at the Toronto Entomologists Association Student Symposium in 2019. She also has an advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Biotechnology and Stem Cell research.

Yogita was a State level Athlete and was a Silver medalist in Karate, besides her love for sports she also an avid mural enthusiast. She is a mother to two wonderful girls Purvaja and Prisha. You may write to Yogita at

Ms. Munira Yusuf is a Lobby Worker at The Corner. She is often the first person residents get in touch with when they are at The Corner.  She has
completed both her Bachelors and Masters of Social Work at York University. For her Masters research, she explored the concept of belongingness among the
older generations of Somalis, their experiences with coming to Canada and their perspective on the current issues within the Somali community.

She has experience working with support groups and has co-facilitated trauma support groups for women and would describe her approach to practice as a harm reduction and strength based approach. She has worked with a diverse range of communities and has experience in community development and research.

Munira enjoys being creative and has a love for art as she often spends her free time painting and drawing. She enjoys watching documentaries and reading mystery and crime stories. Although she may seem quiet, she would describe herself as a good listener that enjoys getting to know people interests and background. You can connect with Munira by email at

Ms. Elisa Whiston is a lobby worker at The Corner. Elisa has a wide experience working with communities.  Elisa was born and raised in Toronto to immigrant parents from Ireland and spent almost 20 years as a finance professional on Bay Street. Elisa started as a stock and bond trader. Elisa was an Associate Investment Adviser at one of Canada’s top major banks and a boutique investment firm.

After losing a loved one who struggled with addiction and mental health issues, Elisa then wanted to be of assistance to this community and returned to school to study and take an Addiction and Mental Health Diploma Course. Her student placement was completed at The Corner and at the Salvation Army’s Gateway men’s shelter. Elisa was immediately hired as a front line Worker and spent approximately four years there. Elisa has been a volunteer at meal programs including Osgoode Hall and St. Andrew’s Out of the Cold Program for over almost 10 years. She has a unique ability to develop meaningful and supportive rapport with clients.

Elisa is a mother of a 27 year old son, who spends half his time in LA as an entertainment artist. Elisa is well traveled and has spent a lot of time with family in New York City. You may get in touch with Elisa at 

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