St. James Town Residents’ win Quality Improvement award

Sherbourne Health’s Cancer Prevention Project by the Newcomer Health Team, was recently awarded the Quality Improvement Award at the agency’s Annual General meeting. What makes this achievement of significance to St. James Town is that Cancer Prevention Project Team led and coordinated by Sherbourne’s Health Promotion Specialist, Sehr Athar, was made up of 6 residents from St. James Town – Deeksha, Yogita, Lopa, Shwetha, Yogarajah and Shama – all residents of the neighbourhood who have experience engaging their community. 

Under the program, the six residents worked with Sherbourne Health as Cancer Prevention Promoters who went out into the community, directly engaging community members in cancer prevention and screening information and awareness. The residents joined the program in early 2018 and underwent training and workshops before they reached out to community members and conducted workshops of their own.  

Sherbourne Health runs the program in partnership with the Toronto Regional Cancer Program and Toronto Public Health with support from CIBC. 

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