SJT Connects – The Neighbourhood App

Want to learn more about the St. James Town neighbourhood?  ‘SJT Connects’ is an interactive community app that helps you explore the neighbourhood and connect with community members and service providers.  As part of their curriculum, 6 University of Toronto students selected the proposal submitted by The Corner to develop the app. SJT Connects helps build a connected St. James Town community by sharing resources and connecting members to one another through the sharing of goods, services and information.

The app helps you explore the buildings and community sites, share your ideas and opinions and connect with people with common interests. Members can also post their events, ideas and share resources that helps other residents. It also helps you tap into the wide array of services provided by different service providers in the neighbourhood. You can learn about events and activities in the neighbourhood and find out what’s trending. Community members can also swap and sell goods and services through the community marketplace available in the app. The app was developed and launched on Android’s Play Store and will be soon made available on the IOS’s App Store. The app is continuously being improved and you can expect more additions and facilities in the future. Please make sure to check out the app.

Another group of six University of Toronto students carried out a study on The Corner about politics and neighborhood development. The students created a presentation on Section 37 and how it can be used for development with necessary investment. Section 37 of the Planning Act permits the City to authorize increases in permitted height and/or density through the zoning bylaw in return for community benefits, provided that there are related Official Plan policies in place.

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