Oral and Dental Health Workshop

The workshop is part of several programs organised by the Settlement counselor of The Neighbourhood Organization (TNO) including various recreational, social, and educational activities in the neighbourhood. TNO works closely with The Corner in collaboration with different community partners like Toronto Public Health, St. James Town Safety Committee and Ambassadors, and other service providers to make these services accessible to residents.

On the 6th of May, the Toronto Public Health’s Dental and Oral Health Personnel facilitated a workshop on Oral and Dental Health for Filipino seniors in the neighbourhood. Around 20 participants from the neighbourhood took part in the workshop. The participants are part of a support group for Tagalog speaking seniors.

The support group was first formed at The Corner on March 26, 2018. Its goal is to address isolation and safety concerns of seniors in St. James Town, particularly those who came to Canada through family sponsorship. The workshop holds great importance as oral and dental care is a major concern for seniors as most of them have to adjust to new conditions and diet upon arrival in Canada. With increasing age, seniors face several hardships including loss of taste, dry mouth, root decay, weaker gums and tooth loss. The workshop focused on personalised care, diet, oral hygiene and where and how they can connect to required services.

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