Interactive Science Class for Kids

Interactive Science Class for Kids is an after school program for kids conducted at The Corner by St. James Town resident Nayan Dutta Biswas. The aim for the program is to develop cognitive, analytical, problem solving skills and inculcate scientific temper in kids. Covering different subjects like life sciences, physics, chemistry and social sciences, Nayan aims to build strong subject foundation for the participating kids by the time they reach middle school. The program tries to indulge kids and instigate their curiosity using live experiments.

Nayan started the program in the second week of march and it runs every Saturday from 5-6PM. Nayan observed that though there are several programs and activities at the corner for kids, there aren’t many academic programs apart from ‘Fun with numbers’ and ‘English Classes’. That’s when she decided to initiate a science program for kids between the age group of 5-11. Nayan has a Master’s in zoology and has worked as a teacher and professor in India before moving to Canada. She is also a soft skills trainer and is currently working with Canadian Educational and Research Institute for Career Development.

“I try to teach my daughter the same things I speak about in the class. And I thought what difference does it make if a few more kids are to join” – Nayan.

The program tries to cover everyday aspects of life like matter and its states, physical and chemical reactions, acids and bases, light, sound and electricity. The program uses simple items like water, salt, vinegar etc. in practicals. This helps the kids relate what they learn with everyday life and learn important life skills. This helps develop critical thinking and consciousness and kids are able to understand causes and consequences in everyday life. Nayan observes that practicals help increase the kids’ curiosity and they are prone to ask more and more questions. Keeping in mind that kids come from different age groups, Nayan creates tailormade worksheets for different groups and all topics are covered with the help of a presentation.

Kids also have been learning about nutrition, health and human body. With a diverse community like St. James Town, classes on nutrition help kids appreciate and understand different cuisines and respect and acknowledge different preferences. Nayan feels that it is very important to teach kids about things like climate change and conservation. She feels that kids are more concerned about such issues and it is important that we help them cultivate best practices at a tender age. The program has 6-8 kids attending regularly and it’s a delight to note that parents are very responsive and support such efforts by residents. The kids too have really taken a liking to the program and are now eagerly suggesting topics and ideas for their classes.

If your kids are interested in attending this program please drop by at The Corner or give us a call to know more or register with us. Nayan is also looking for exciting new ideas and suggestions for the program. So if you feel like you could contribute in some way please feel free to approach us.

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