Turning odds into opportunities

Vivian Novoa came to Canada in 2007 and like all newcomer immigrants she came with dreams and aspirations. But it is never easy assimilating into a new culture, society and a way of living. Vivian has withstood many challenges and tribulations over the years. Today she is an active contributor to the SJT community in several ways. This is not only the story of Vivian, but of countless newcomers who seek a better life in Canada.

Vivian was born and raised in Colombia, where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Science and Fashion Design. She moved to Toronto in 2007 and worked as an image consultant in the beauty industry. Vivian first approached The Corner for help in 2016, after sustaining a severe injury caused by an accident. She had been forced to discontinue her work in the beauty and fashion industry.

While recovering from the accident, she realized her purpose was to alleviate the pain of those who faced similar circumstances. She started volunteering at The Corner in 2017 as  Front Desk Support. Being passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others, she decided to dedicate her life to aiding people going through life transitions, assisting them in achieving their goals and improving their standard of living.

In 2019, Vivian started working at The Corner as office administrator. This opportunity paved the way to more interactions with newcomers and to becoming more familiar with their challenges. She believes that it is extremely challenging to be a newcomer in Canada, especially if you are alone and that The Corner connects people together and gives them a place to be heard.

Vivian’s interest lie in settlement and health related initiatives. Currently, she is a Health ambassador with Women’s Health in Women’s Hands, linking residents and service providers where she conducts workshops on different themes such as diabetes and healthy eating. . She is also a settlement and health educator with Sherbourne Health.  She conducts workshops to provide newcomers with the information they need about the city and the country to help them become acquainted with life in Canada.

Vivian has a passion for dancing and actively promotes healthy eating. Displaying immense resilience in the face of life’s challenges is something we can all learn from Vivian. She has managed to set an impressive example as an important asset and contributor to the St. James Town community.

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