Seniors’ Social – A Talent Show

The seniors of St. James town (SJT) came together on the March 28 for a afternoon of fun and performance at Dixon Hall. Approximately 60 seniors took part in the event.

Performances ranging from singing, dancing, instrumentals, group interactive meditation, acting to arts and crafts were on display. The event aptly represented the diversity and vibrancy of SJT.

The program started off with a group chime performance by senior members conducted by Linda. The team put together a beautiful song where in each participant played a single note. Coordination and cooperation the seniors had developed among themselves over the years was very much at display during this performance.

It was followed by a song performed together by Emily (on the right) and Linda (on the left) which brought old memories and smiles to the faces of the audience.

The audience was next treated to an enthralling performance of a traditional Mongolian Dance by Kang Liu and team.

Kang Liu (left) and team performed over three songs in traditional costumes. The audience was spell-bound by the elegant movements and synchronization of the team.

The event also featured an interactive meditation session led by Rasathi (Centre). The session focused on how to channel cosmic energy to stay healthy and happy.

Norris and Femmi treated the audience to some groovy Calypso dance from the Caribbean. The performance was fun filled with lots of hilarious actions and props used in the performance.

Norris and Femmi had hardly reached half their performance before the audience decided that they too wanted to shake a leg.

Meanwhile, delicious food and beverages such as fruit, cheese, biscuits, pastries, tea and coffee were being served to the gathering.

With the food arriving, the audience settled in for some conversations. Though the participants meet each other every week, the energy during this event provided for a much more dynamic group interaction.

Next it was the Persians’ turn to present. They gave the audience a taste of Persian culture and some Bollywood beats with their performances.

Playing an instrument and singing at the same time is a thing the most talented musicians boast of. Julie was no different when she performed two songs with her Ukulele.

Wine gets stronger with age, so does Femmi. Femmi’s energy and zest for life is unmatched and it is evident every time she performs to the song ‘Kiss me kiss me’.

The energy was contagious. Femmi soon had the entire audience on their feet.

During the weekly meetings and activities of different groups, seniors are actively involved in arts and crafts. Their creations were on display at the venue during the event.

The day ended with a group Ukelele performance led by Linda.

Few more snapshots…

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