Self-care, Resilience, and Celebration

Self-care, Resilience, and Celebration were the central themes for International Women’s day 2019. Celebrating womanhood involves appreciating the resilience women demonstrate in the face of discrimination and enabling them to care for themselves in a world that demands so much from them. As a part of the celebrations, The Corner and The St. James Town Service Provider’s Network (SJTSPN) organized a small event involving residents and partners on March 8, 2019.

Approximately 100 participants involving residents, partners and volunteers took part in the event. The event started off with a presentation on healthy eating as a form of self-care. Most women do not get the time and opportunity to focus on their own well-being while they are busy juggling their personal and professional life.

This was followed by a presentation focusing on several achievements and accomplishments by women across the world over the last year. The idea was to demonstrate and respect the diversity of the women in SJT. This enlightening session gave way to game of Jeopardy which was well enjoyed by the participants. Winners of the game were given small prizes as a token of appreciation.

Participants then proceeded towards more fun-filled activities like henna, jewelry making, and painting which were led by volunteers. Child minding was provided and thanks to the Children’s Book Bank, each child left with a book. The men staff at The Corner prepared a delicious meal to express their gratitude and support to the women of the community. The meal comprised of Pancakes, Dosa, Lentil soup, mushroom omelette, fruit salad, coffee and tea. The event ended with raffle, prizes for participants and every attendee was given a message in a bottle. A dedicated team of volunteers, ambassadors and The Corner staff worked behind the scenes to make the event a success.

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