UofT Students at The Corner

Six university of Toronto students were at The Corner for three days from Feb 19-21, 2019 as part of Alternative Reading Week (ARW). After three days at The Corner, interacting with the community, getting involved in different programs and activities, the students shared their observations, ideas and recommendations with the Corner staff.

The students were involved in extensive outreach activity for two days. The group split into two teams for outreach at 200 Wellesley Street and 275 Bleecker Street. This interaction with residents helped them understand the programs at The Corner and its benefits. The teams were well prepared and made use of several resources including beverages, presto boards, flyers, posters etc. for the outreach activity. The outreach also focused on promoting the black history month celebrations at The Corner and spring gathering.The team also inspired five residents to join as volunteers for the upcoming spring gathering. Special focus was given on the upcoming 240 space during the outreach. Students promoted the two job openings and also carried out the need and resource assessment survey for the 240 hub.

Some of the recommendations put forward by the students are a program for imparting computer skills to residents and robotics and software coding programs from youth. Increased  engagement of seniors was a key point put forward by the students. The students were of the view that though residents are aware of The Corner and its existence, they are not very well informed about all programs and activities. The students have expressed their desire to collaborate with The Corner in upcoming events and activities and to make themselves part of the Volunteer Lead Program of The Corner

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