Service Provider’s Network Develops Strategic Plan

The St. James Town Service Providers’ Network (SPN) is a collection of agencies formed to bring collaborative partnerships, community engagement and integrated service coordination. The Network collaborates and coordinates stakeholders inside and outside the network to address the needs of residents and promote an inclusive and vibrant community. The SPN undertook a collaborative planning session, key informant interviews, and a review of community engagement feedback to develop its Strategic Plan, which will guide SPN activities over the next few years.

The key pillars of the Strategic plan include:
1) Strengthening Communications, Resources & Leadership: supporting existing and new subcommittees, developing and strengthening communications platforms (like this newsletter!), and identify resources to help further the work of the network and the community, etc.
2) Focus on Neighbourhood Level work through the engagement of diverse partners (e.g. non-profit, business, landlord, City, educational institutions, etc)
3) Population based activities: such as programming and supports for youth, seniors
4) Community Engagement and Advocacy: Strive for innovative and creative way to engage residents, support the development of a resident committee

The SPN will now work along with residents and other stake holders to develop plans and work towards these goals.

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