Staff Directory


Orville Barham
Maintenance Support
Tel: (416)964-6657

Mark Redka
System Navigator & Client Engagement Worker
Tel: (416)964-6657 Voice Mail: 401

Gabriella Hernandez
Community  Engagement
Tel: (416)964-6657

Stuart Totten
Lobby Worker
Tel: (416)964-6657

Ahmed Siroos
Communications and Outreach Coordinator
Tel: (416)964-6657

Azalech Boyana
Lobby Worker
Tel: (416)964-6657

Ronnie (Veronica)
Outreach and Community Engagement
Tel: (416)964-6657 Voice Mail : 5012

Anas Ameen
Case Worker
Tel: (416)964-6657 Voice Mail:5016

Matthew Ederer
Events Coordinator
Tel: (416)964-6657


Nayanthi Wijesuriya
Intake and Client Engagement Lead
Health Access St. James Town
Tel: (416)964-6657 Voice Mail : 5011

Suja Selvaraj
Database Administrator
Tel: (416)964-6657 Voice Mail: 5010

Sehr Athar
Health Promotion and Systems Specialist
Newcomer Health Team
Sherbourne Health Centre
333 Sherbourne St., Toronto, ON, M5A 2S5
Tel: (416)324-4100 Ext 5259

Norma Khandaker
Coordinator Senior Program
Progress Place


Ravi Subramaniam 
Strategic Lead
Tel: (416)964-6657

Nalini Pandalangat
Director of Newcomers
Health & Specialty Services
Sherbourne Health Centre

Nivedita Balachandran
Manager, Support Services
Progress Place
Tel: (416)323-0223 Ext 244